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Customized Transparent Fast Door for Hohhot Express Door Workshop


In the operation of transparent fast induction doors, customers will choose a reasonable induction mode according to the site. The most important parts are geomagnetic induction and radar induction, which are important parts of the system. The induction coils of geomagnetic vehicle detectors can also be added. Their working stability directly affects the operation effect of the whole fast induction doors.




Gate control project belongs to tooling category. Decoration and decoration industry does not advocate finding some small shops or Mustang decoration team. Without cheating or cheating money, it is difficult to say whether the project can be completed with quality and quantity. Moreover, it is difficult to find the repair and replacement after all, especially tooling category. After all, tooling professional technology is difficult to achieve higher standards. Some.


At present, the use rate of express door industry is becoming more and more common, but its own professionalism is still not universal. Fast door installation, without professional technology and rich installation experience, is generally unable to directly complete the installation process, will cause the fast door in the future use process, there will be various problems.


Customized Transparent Fast Door for Hohhot Express Door Workshop


What is the Huhhot Express Gate?


Fast doors are also called fast rolling doors or high-speed doors. Because the fast doors have a huge relationship with speed, so in the device of fast doors, PLC, frequency converter, encoder control door curtain are very important devices.


The application of frequency conversion technology has greatly improved the service efficiency and life of the product, with adjustable delay closure, complete interface and multiple auxiliary equipment.


The journey is controlled by rotary encoder imported from Germany, which is accurate, stable and durable. Now it has developed into an industrial door product that can rapidly lift and accurately locate.


Fast doors are the most important feature of industrial doors, which are heat preservation and moisture preservation. To a certain extent, fast doors can also play the role of dust and insect prevention. In this way, some dust-proof workshops with higher requirements for the environment can use fast doors to achieve the overall environment clean and constant temperature and humidity.


The Use Area of Huhhot Express Gate


Generally speaking, fast doors are avoided for household use, because they are highly intelligent. Later maintenance and repair can be said to be a very headache. But for food, medicine, printing, electronics and other fields, they just need this kind of doors very much. Fast doors can be certain. To ensure the air quality and dust-free level in the workshop is the best choice to ensure the environmental quality of the workshop.




With the development of the times and the evolution of industrial level, the design of express doors has been adopted in the fields of automobile and logistics.


Quick Door Price


Since fast doors have so many advantages and are widely used, what is their price? In fact, the price of fast doors has remained high because of its high degree of technology. At present, the market price is about 8000-15000 RMB. You should know that this kind of electronic doors is used in various ways. Small stainless steel parts are assembled bit by bit, but their working principle determines the way and quality of their assembly, and puts forward high requirements for this.


Having said so much, I believe that you not only have a certain understanding of the price of the fast door, but also the scope of the use of the fast door. Finally, what you want to say is that, whether from the use or price point of view, the present daily home decoration is not suitable for the use of the fast door device. You can refer to other types of doors for yourself. Housing decoration design, purchase.